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Drilling Rig Inspections

Inspection of mobile drilling units for various operators for both pre-contract and in service scenarios. Inspection of physical, mechanical, and electrical systems to ensure best practices are being utilized. Evaluation of crew capability and training. Ensure rig is compliant with IADC, API, and other applicable recommendations and standards.

Utah Gas / SWEVCO-SABW Acquisition

Led engineering and operations integration effort in support of de-leveraging existing assets along with acquisition of new properties. Provided support for business integration of new asset with 10X increase in well count.

Reserves Report Evaluation

Evaluation of third-party reserves report of prospective acreage in Utah's Altamont-Bluebell field for Hong Kong based client. Tested validity of analogue selection and confirmed economic and production forecasts. Advised on approach to purchasing non-operated asset.

Tyson Foutz - Engineering

Your combination of engineering acumen and practical experience makes you ideal for this project.

— Client Comment

HTHP Drilling Consultant

HTHP consulting for deep test on new structure in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Consulted on drilling rig equipment modification, crew training, kick detection, and drilling practices for 8.25" hole to over 15,000'+ TVD. Very difficult frontier drilling in area known to have up to 26% H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide).

Well Control Audit — Completion and Workover

Audit of completion and workover operations for large independent operator. Audit was performed with specific emphasis on well control considerations for both Barnett Shale and Permian Basins.

Development of Emergency Response Procedures

Design of framework and procedures for emergency response activities on urban well locations and pipelines within populated areas.

Tyson is the best operations engineer I have ever worked with.

— Client Comment

Tyson Foutz - Oilfield Engineering
First Air Drilled Barefoot Completion in San Joaquin Basin

Planned and assisted in sidetrack and re-completion of non-operated well in the northern San Joaquin Valley. Successfully sidetracked and cased to top of depleted zone damaged by poor cement job in original wellbore and drilled out of shoe utilizing nitrogen membrane equipped air units to minimize formation damage.

Cryogenic Freeze Development and Implementation

Developed method for utilization of frozen bentonite gel as a pressure barrier using a two-phase nitrogen stream as the coolant instead of the traditional dry ice method. This technique was first implemented in the Aera Energy LLC operated South Belridge Diatomite Steam Drive Project. Technique was later implemented for all OCTG freeze work where practical. See SPE 78977 for additional details.