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Case Descriptions

  • Intellectual property — At issue was a mechanical apparatus the plaintiff was in the process of patenting that he claimed had been copied for use without the plaintiff's consent by an international integrated petroleum exploration and production company.
  • Personal Injury — The family of an injured party was seeking damages from the owner of a company specializing in the transportation of water. The specific point of the claim was that the transportation contractor was not utilizing the proper routes, given the traffic flow at the particular time of the accident and the truck should have been rerouted, or if not practical, rescheduled by adapting the logistics of the operation to suit the surrounding community.
Tyson Foutz - engineer

Tyson knows all aspects of the work … setting up the design to operations and carrying out the job.

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Fountz Consuting - oilfield engineer
  • Split estate & surface operations — A group of agricultural landowners were engaged in a surface damage claim against an operating company that had drilled several producing wells on their combined surface estate. It was being argued that the operator, the lessee of the subsurface minerals, could have employed multi-well drilling pads to access the reservoir, thereby reducing the surface impact of the operation.
  • Well control — A drilling contractor was involved in multi-party litigation involving a deepwater well control incident. The main issue whether the operator of the well utilized the most effective method that was available during the event to stem the flow of hydrocarbons from the damaged subsea BOP stack.
  • Workplace injury — A team member on a coiled tubing crew was injured when a high-pressure connection failed. The residual pressure caused the line to violently strike the crewman and cause injury. There were several operational questions regarding inspection and testing of the equipment; safety training and procedures; and the functioning of emergency backup and retention systems.