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About Foutz Consulting LLC

The three priorities of hydrocarbon extraction are:

  1. Protection of the health and safety of on site personnel and the public.
  2. Protection of natural resources and the environment.
  3. Protection of the integrity of assets.

The Foutz Consulting approach revolves around optimization. The goal is to maximize the rate of return on every expenditure while considering the lifecycle of the asset along with internal project timelines.

While Foutz Consulting specializes in operations consulting we have demonstrated historical success in assembling the right team to address a variety of projects in the oil & gas industry. An understanding of the scalability of proven and emerging solutions along with experience with the wide variety of project sizes and scopes allows for a tailored solution. Minimization of high-risk unknowns is essential to successful execution of field operations. This is where Foutz Consulting's years of experience in difficult and complex projects makes the difference. Whether it's a sour HPHT well with a tight margin, or a depleted reservoir requiring artificial lift analysis, there may exist a range of solutions to consider, and these can be tailored to your needs.

Oildfield - Tyson Foutz

Tyson flawlessly planned and executed a sidetrack/redrill of a well that I had a working interest in. Tyson got the job done on time and under budget.

— Client Comment

Oilfield - Tyson Foutz

A wide range of experience comes with the benefit of understanding how the pieces of any petroleum extraction operation fit together. Your company culture is important and should be integrated into the approach of your partners and vendors from the beginning of any project.

Foutz Consulting can work with your staff geoscience and financial personnel to find a solution that meets your technical requirements and capital discipline. We can also source additional specialized technical personnel to address metallurgical, simulation, and other disciplines as required for larger projects. Previous successful projects include:

  • Exploration Drilling of HTHP sour prospects
  • Drilling of underbalanced infill wells in highly depleted reservoirs
  • Completion design and execution
  • Extended workover and well rehabilitation campaigns
  • P&A management
  • Well control
  • Production optimization including artificial lift, chemical optimization, compression and gathering design
  • Environmental mitigation
  • Rigless intervention (Coiled tubing, snubbing, wireline)
  • Reserves evaluation (special projects only)
  • Training and program design for SOP's, safety programs, and technical manuals

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